Different Types Of Portable Doggy Houses

When people decide to have a pet dog they go shopping for a dog house. Dog houses also known as kennel. The word kennel has so many definitions. The general and specific definitions for kennel are that it is any kind of a dog shelter or a place where dogs are trained, boarded and bred. However, today nearly everyone uses the terminology word, kennel when they refer to the house of the dog.

The word kennel is referred to wide range of pet containment products like dog boxes, pet carriers, crates for dogs, exercise pen, the traditional outdoor dog house and so on. Today these dog houses are also made portable. Usually these portable dog homes are used as a temporary shelter for your pet dog.

Below are few portable and temporary types of dog houses that are available in the market today.

  • Dog tents – these are portable soft sided shelters. Dog tents are made from waterproof materials. These portable tents are easy to assemble and disband within minutes. These dog tents are light in weight and easy to carry and transport. Dog tents are popular with pet owners when they plan to take their pet on travelling, camping or any outdoor trips.
  • Soft dog crate – this dog shelter is rectangular dog tent. The soft dog crate is similar to the usual dog crate however it has soft sides that are made from nylon mesh unlike the usual which is plastic grating or metal.
  • Dog boxes – this is a dog box and contact at Pawgie for more boxes that is usually made out of metal. These are temporary shelter boxes used in transporting dogs. This type of portable dog houses is mostly seen behind a pickup truck or on a trailer. Although these boxes are made from aluminum other materials like steel, wood and plastic are also used.
  • Inflatable dog house – these dog house are made from high end outdoor camping and sport gear materials. It is a temporary viable shelter mostly used during cold weather conditions.
  • Dog crates with hard sided – this type of dog house is multipurpose enclosure. Dog crates are made out of metal or molded plastic. The dog crate is used as safe and secure haven for the dog and also for housebreaking, protection of household items, travel and etc.
  • Hard plastic pet carriers / kennels – this type of portable dog homes are used to transport and carry the pet dog or puppy. These can also be used when traveling in an airplane. These dog carriers have a metal gate locking door, a handle on top of the carrier and ample space inside for the dog to move.